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8/6/2014Drug & Alcohol office director leaves county government
8/6/2014In state, data-sharing prescription drug legislation stalls
8/6/2014PA Gets "B" on Pain Medication Report Card
8/6/2014PA's new opioid prescription guidelines to help local region
8/6/2014Stahlnecker named director of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
8/6/2014Why PA needs prescription drug database: Guest voice of Deb Beck and Rep. Joe Hackett
7/25/2014Task force hears new guidelines for prescriptions
7/15/2014Aging agencies work to keep up with demand for human services
7/15/2014As I See It: State climbs to No. 7 in drug deaths
7/15/2014Corbett signs $29 billion budget, slams lawmakers over pension inaction
7/15/2014County OKs match for Human Services
7/15/2014Dave Mowery: Drug problem focus worthy
7/15/2014Doctors play key role in curbing prescription drug abuse
7/15/2014Drug overdose deaths up 7% nationally, far more in Pa. and N.J.
7/15/2014Folly of state Medicaid plan
7/15/2014Heroin deaths increase 175% in 54 months
7/15/2014Heroin Task Force announces overdose resuscitation kiosks
7/15/2014Prescription drugs impair drivers without their knowledge
7/15/2014Veto, special session studied by Corbett to push Pa. pension reform
6/18/2014Etna social worker stresses the need for sexual education for people with autism and intellectual disabilities
6/18/2014Temple forum focuses on prescription-drug abuse on campuses
6/9/2014Armstrong wants increased focus on mental health services
6/9/2014Heroin deaths in York County in 2014 top all of 2013
6/9/2014How is our mental Health? Not bad, but Lancaster County needs more places to get help
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