7/14/2015Allegheny county Jail health system will have more psychiatrists
7/14/2015Allegheny county residency exemption sought for jail health care workers
7/14/2015County employees takesteps toward healthy lifestyles
7/14/2015Drug court could be cure for addiction epidemic
7/14/2015Drugs: PA Public Health Crisis
7/14/2015Google Reveals Health-Tracking, Research Level Wristband
7/14/2015Human service providers face crunch
7/14/2015L&I's misfired letter worries agency that serves visually impaired
7/14/2015Lehigh County handles 911 text messaging
7/14/2015Lyme disease: new report finds surge in Cumberland, York
7/14/2015Penn State penalty funds to be distributed soon to child advocacy organizations
7/14/2015report: Hospitals reducing readmissions for some common chronic conditions
7/14/2015Treatment Court: Judicial recourse for addicts
7/14/2015Working for equal access to 911
6/11/2015Bucks and Montco apply for state funding to combat drug abuse
6/11/2015Conquering addiction: Examining the link between drugs and crime
6/11/2015County gets $750,000 grant to help launch health initiative
6/11/2015County OK's grant application for drug treatment
6/11/2015County prison applies for drug treatment program
6/11/2015Officials draw up plan for a healthier Allegheny Counrty
6/11/2015Program offers help, hope for addicted teens in Beaver County
6/10/2015Allegheny County Jail ripped again for medical care
6/10/2015Berks County Intermediate Unit helps form new mental-health partnership
6/10/2015Blue Cross expanding wellness program for county employees
6/10/2015County receives West Nile grant
6/10/2015Court program designed to aid mentally ill
6/10/2015Dept. of Human Servic3es Seeks Proposals to Address Pennsylvania's Heroin and Opioid Crisis
6/10/2015Funding sought for mental health clinic as alternative to jail, hospitals
6/10/2015Hospitals see spike in synthetic marijuana overdoses, caution again abuse
6/10/2015Report: Drug overdoses kill at least seven Pennsylvanians each day
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